About Us

We Are The Leading Online Store For Unique Skull Products.

Our Mission

To make shopping for unique skull products online simple.

Our Story

Passion Buys was founded by a group of skull lovers who were frustrated with how hard it was to find unique skull products.

Being passionate about aesthetic drinkware has its downsides. We used to spend our whole weekends physically going from antique stores to garage sales add more skull products to our collections.

Unfortunately for us, the drinkware space is a very traditional one, and we started out as drinkware enthusiasts before transitioning into loving skull products. The drinkware space has operated the same way since its inception, through dusty physical stores. 

Drinkware enthusiasts are used to walking into stores and combing through them for glasses or bottle stands to add to their collections. 

Hence, it has not moved online, because there was never a need for drinkware shop operators to reach innovative customers online.

This frustrated us, and so we set out with the mission to disrupt the drinkware space by operating solely online. 

Our Beliefs

We're here to leverage on the ability to stay connected with customers all over the world. Through this online channel, anyone from anywhere in the world can find us in within a couple of clicks, and shop for unique drinkware and skull products directly from the comfort of their homes.

No longer will they need to waste so much time combing through antique stores, only to still fail at finding products that feed their passion. 

It is our sincere belief that if an individual somewhere in the world takes his or her time to visit our store, they deserve to be treated the best and leave happy. It requires more resources from us, but this will surely result in a better return in the long term, because happy customers will always return to purchase more.

Thank you for visiting Passion Buys and we hope you enjoy shopping for your passions here. Nothing makes us more fulfilled that serving happy customers. 

If you have any questions, feedback or reviews, simply contact us. We'd love to hear from you!